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The Horse You Came In On Saloon

    "The Horse," as it's known, opened in 1775 and has been named the "oldest continuously-operating saloon in America," by the American Historical Society.  A lot of interesting characters have passed through its doors in its two hundred plus years of existence -  Edgar Allan Poe even had his last beverage here!  A Fells Point hot spot, The Horse is most known for its daily live music and great food, but its our customers and staff that keep people coming back!

    Three years ago, we started the "Old No. 7 Club," Maryland's sole Jack Daniels' Club!  Members not only have a special place in our hearts, but their bottles have a coveted space in our Custom Jack Daniels Case!  They're also entitled to VIP invitations to our Anniversary Party and other special events held each year.  We're at over 200 members now and growing every week!

    This year we introduced our "Jack Daniels Infusions," our secret recipe, flavored whiskeys and they've made quite an impression!  We're up to 8 different flavors now - Orange, Apple, Raspberry, Vanilla, Honey, Grape, Lemon, and the front-runner and all-time fave, Tennessee Fire!  Come on in and join us for one - they're a taste sensation you won't soon forget!

    Our clientele is rapidly growing and our space will soon be, too!  That's right folks -you heard it here!  We've taken over the retail space next door and will soon be able to accommodate an even bigger crowd!  Large parties have always been welcome and with the extra capacity, we'll be hosting even more!

    Thank you for stopping by our new online store.  Hope you were able to find everything you wanted quickly and easily.  We'll be adding new merchandise all the time, so make sure you stop in regularly so you don't miss out!  

      Your questions and comments are always welcome - We look forward to hearing from you soon!